Reality Show

Would you ever consider doing a reality show about you and your family? Now keep in mind that non-celeb reality shows in the first season rarely pay big bucks, so your answer can’t hinge on the illusion of wealth because that might not actually happen.

I can see myself agreeing to a reality show about a job or event. While they are always edited with an eye toward drama, ultimately the work would (or should) speak louder than any artificial conflict the producers set up for the show. What I can’t imagine is having cameras stationed in my home or the broadcasting of my life as entertainment.

My friend C made a point that this is the most recorded period in history.  Thanks to social media, it seems we know what every human being is having for dinner, saw on the freeway or thought about their toenails—in great detail. So, I suppose in some ways, we are all agreeing to be part of a reality show already in that we are voluntarily putting pieces of ourselves out there all the time. Still, in controlling what is released to the world, I suppose we’re creating the characters we want the rest of the world to see (though I suppose some of those drunken tweets I read would contradict this). A reality show seems more invasive because someone else has a hand in the content that is broadcast.

I’m trying to picture what kind of person the viewing audience would see if cameras were mounted in my living room.  Does writing on the computer, watching television and occasionally making a snack count as great TV?  No, those cameras would have to be in the Jeep as I took off for parts unknown—that way, if I am lulling you to sleep with my less than exciting ways, at least you’d be able to take in the scenery.  Or base it on my text messages– now that’s entertainment!

2 comments on “Reality Show”

  1. momsterstories

    I would love a reality show about Momster. It would be so much fun to compare the footage to her version of reality. Except, I wouldn’t want anyone who knows me to watch it.

  2. Kate Dating

    Too bad there isn’t a creative way to block the channel for the people who actually know you! It would be the best of both worlds.

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