Friday’s Recommendation: Divorce Envy

I highly recommend reading the piece Divorce Envy written by Eleanore S. Wells (author of The Spinsterlicious Life) in today’s Huffington Post (  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had this very conversation with friends. It’s truly remarkable—particularly since the vast majority of the people I know are “never marrieds.”  Still the social capital behind having been “chosen” remains, along with the social stigma of “spinsterhood.”

Her dating scenario certainly caught my attention. I can absolutely picture the “deer in headlights” look that would come with the status admission. It intrigues me that my continued status as a singleton would be perceived as including more baggage and not less. Perhaps the man worth dating is actually the one who says “what was wrong with the men?” rather than “what was wrong with you?” If a man is in his 40s and has never married, I don’t assume there is something deranged about him.  In fact, if a man told me that he hadn’t settled down because he’d been focused on his career and hadn’t been ready to put in the time to make the commitment, it wouldn’t bother me at all. Then again, I can relate to workaholics, so maybe that’s why.  Honestly, it wouldn’t even have to be that specific. People have relationships that don’t end in marriage (this I know quite well). Why does that translate as having the mark of the beast bestowed on you?

Anyway, read the article. Like the article. Tweet the article.

Enjoy the weekend—yes, even you spinsters.

4 comments on “Friday’s Recommendation: Divorce Envy”

  1. Helen

    Apparently, it is item #4. I never really learned to count.

  2. Helen

    Apparently, it is item #4. I never really learned to count.

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