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If a man said to you, “You are all round and soft in a way few women in Los Angeles are” would you feel affronted or flattered? Peevish or preening? Dropped into a never-ending pit of despair followed by six consecutive months of Bar Method, or continued gentle glides around the neighborhood?

I honestly don’t know.


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  1. Dee Murray

    It depends. Was he a man's man, or not so much? If a man's man, then flattered for sure. If not, smack him in the face and order another ice cream! I take my advice from Maggs Bennett on Justified: "Yer eatin', ain't ya? Not like those girls that think men like grabbin' onto gristle." Amen, Maggs, Amen.

  2. Carey Hagan

    Hmm..this one is a mixed bag. First of all, you look like a dancer to me. Second of all, he is making you sound like the Venus of Willendorf. Third of all, is there not a wide diversity of body types in L.A.? Who _is_ this guy? I find his comment baffling.

  3. Helen

    Wow. This is difficult. I know you and can honestly say I don't consider you to be round. I do not know you well enough to know if you are soft (and I'm wondering exactly what you and this gentleman were doing that gave him access to this information). Given that the standard for women in LA is somewhere just this side concentration camp chic, I'm thinking you are okay. Also, you can always just stand next to me and look alarmingly malnourished by comparison.

  4. Anasazi

    I say stop defining yourself based on what some random guy says or who doesn't or does want you. Do you feel good? Do you like the way you look? Then fuck what he said.

  5. Marisa

    Um, I'd probably punch him. It was likely meant as a compliment, but goodness…yeah, I'd likely punch him.

  6. Lily

    I would feel awful and tell the guy to work on his complimenting skills.Round? Soft? He could've said "You are like no other women I have seen here. A true vision." Still saying you have a unique quality to you that he seeks but in much more flattering terms. But, I am assuming he meant it in a flattering way.You see a tall thin woman do you say, "You're gangling and waif like in all the ways I want." Hell no. Words people! They matter!If you like it real and raw then hell with the above statement. I like some pleasantries.

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