10 For Thursday

Over the last few days, Twitter has been buzzing with #100factsaboutme entries (the assumed ending being: “that you don’t already know”). Though I’m clearly a fascinating creature, I’m not sure any of us is really ready for you to have 100 new pieces of information about moi. I do, however, think that divulging 10 new, and potentially embarrassing, factoids is something we can all survive.

Here are your 10 for Thursday.

  1. I can’t stop singing “Loser Like Me” from Glee.

    There is just something so relentlessly upbeat about it. Even my hard-won cynicism is powerless in the face of that much hope. I’m seeking therapy.

  2. I’ve already cried at the trailer for Fox’s Mobbed.
    Before you judge—have you seen it? The guy loves his intended so much, he takes over The Grove, gets hundreds of people together, and they all perform an intricate dance leading to the marriage proposal. I can’t get a guy to hold the elevator for me when I’m carrying a month’s worth of groceries.
  3. I’m the person the article warns you about (http://www.topdatingsites.com/blog/2011/10-signs-you-are-dating-a-workaholic).
    It’s true. I confess. The first thing I do in the morning, regardless of how early the hour, is check my blackberry’s email. I claim that it is because I want to know what the work day has in store for me. This is partially true. Doesn’t really explain why I head to Twitter immediately following the email check, but let’s pretend it’s related.
  4. I love The Broad Stage.
    Not only does The Broad Stage have amazing artists coming in every month, but the facility is gorgeous. Things people don’t mention about this place—the bathroom is sumptuous, the parking is at the facility (and free) and the receptions out in the courtyard are completely worth the extra on the ticket price. I’d like to take responsibility for the facility as DM and I attended one of the first fundraisers for the construction, but something tells me that it cost more than $100. You get bonus points if you can tell me exactly how David Duchovny, Jeff Goldblum and Blair Underwood are related to the place.
  5. I’m envious of the person with a concert hall attached to her house.
    No, seriously, I know someone who has a concert hall attached to her home. You’d never know it from the street, but it’s there. They don’t really advertise. The events are mostly word of mouth, but once you are on the list, it’s magic. Right now there is a play reading series, featuring known actors, happening in someone’s backyard addition. This is the secret Hollywood I can get behind.
  6. The surest sign I will purchase/use something is if you hear me say incredulously, “Why would I need that?”
    See iPad, iPhone, iPod, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. What can I say; I play almost as hard to get with technology as I do with men.
  7. I’m obsessed with 80s mini-series watching.
    Not that long ago, I allowed some friends into my apartment (shocking!) to watch The Thorn Birds. We watched all eight hours in one sitting—that’s a lot of cheese, popcorn, cupcakes and wine. And I’m not likely to stop any time soon—after all, East of Eden has arrived.
  8. I’m never spontaneous—until I am.
    I moved to Los Angeles from New York without knowing anyone because of a vacation I took with a friend of mine. I flew to San Francisco for Wondercon one year without making any plans (including plane reservations) to be there.
  9. I can’t figure out why women want to look like porn stars.
    Nothing against porn stars—I’m sure they are all fabulous, beautiful people. But there is a particular look, and it tended to be one that non-porn industry professionals tried to avoid. The longer I’m in LA, the more it seems as though that particular industry has informed everything from behavior to body hair. Have the women of Los Angeles decided that they need to duplicate the fantasy in order to connect with the 5.6 straight, single and employed men who shower currently living in this city?
  10. The biggest compliment I can give someone is to tell them that they interest me.
    Despite my self-professed hermit-tude, I come into contact with a lot of people. However, I’m much more likely to be perplexed or vexed than interested. It’s just part of my charm.

Those are my 10 for Thursday. Now you play.


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  1. Claire

    This is an excellent and amusing list, and I'm happy to know these things about you. Also, re #3, we are THE SAME. (As with so many other things.)

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