Periodically, I like to check out how people find my blog.  Most of the time I get referrals from other sites or direct links. Occasionally, people find me because Google or Bing has a sense of humor.  With that in mind, I give you the search terms that brought you people to me this week:


Apparently, many of my new readers are pervs. Welcome… and I’m sorry for being such a disappointment.  I can’t decide if people are searching the “white jeans” issue because they fear the stories are true, or they are trying to advertise something specific and want to get it right.  I’d like to once again state that I wear them because it’s summer, and they go with everything… please leave my ass alone.

For the alcoholics in the group, I’m happy that I can help you out with your e-card needs. I’m toasting you with a lovely glass of Melville right now.

And one of you has a lot of explaining to do. I’ll let you guess which one.

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