My iPod Led Me Astray

My iPod led me astray. From here on in, this will be known as the iPod defense. Can you perform an exorcism on an electronic music device? I know that there are people who cleanse homes… hmmmm yellow pages under…. Yeah, no.

I should start by telling you that I am obsessed with my iPod. I’m almost never without it. I resisted for years, and then went wild—got a 60GB video iPod that I adore. Any time Chloe or Veronica come into my office, I’ve got it going. Veronica pointed out that I might be trying to drown out the sound of my own despair over work, but I think I just dig having a soundtrack to my life… ok, she could be a little right.

Anyway, the day started promisingly enough. I clicked on “shuffle” and got down to business (email at 5am, no less). First thing that comes on is “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) by Abba. It’s groovy and retro and had me humming along. Who can’t appreciate the sentiment? Although with my schedule and lifestyle, I’d need to change that to “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! A man between the hours of 3pm and 6pm, while I’m still awake and it won’t interfere with any of my television shows”. But you’ve got the idea.

Then it moves on to another classic disco-y tune (who knew I had that many on here), “It’s Raining Men”, by the Weather Girls. At this point, I’ve finally awakened my neighbors with my stirring rendition of “God Bless Mother Nature, She’s a Single Woman, Too”. I’ll admit it, I’m in a good mood. Sun isn’t up yet, but I have no wildly distressing emails, and it is a Friday. Plus, I’m having visions of fine young men desperately hoping that I’d pick them. Hell, yeah!

And then, the iPod decides to hit me with a reality check. For no reason at all, it shuffles to “I’ll be Okay” by Amanda Marshall. Slower, but that’s not it. It’s the line “I’ll always have the memories, she’ll always have you”. Right about this time, the sun should have been coming up. Anyone else notice that the sun never actually came out in LA today? Yep. Insidious, stealthy iPod attack.

I try to shake it off. I’m bobbing and weaving emotions, as I start to look for something to wear to work that doesn’t make me feel fat—which, as you all know, in this mood means I’m not really going to find it. I hit next in hopes of something that won’t put me in a mood that continues to blanket LA. So, I rebound into “Absolutely Nothing’s Changed” (aka I’m bruised, but I aint broken by Tina Turner). Better—at least I ‘m not moping. Now, I’m actually a little ticked off. And I realize that it has very little to do with the most recent ex and so much to do with work and just general drama in life.

The iPod decides (yes, it absolutely was deliberate) to just make me more ticked off. It’s clearly feeding off of me, and I’m just cycling back. Just as I’m about to march out the door, I get hit with “You Hurt Me, and I Hate You” by Eurythmics. I’m surprised there weren’t storm clouds over me as I was stalking to my car. At this point, getting me out of this mood was going to be harder than breaking into that Soviet architectural union back in ’90… um.. you know, metaphorically, speaking.

My iPod cycled me from “Gimme, a man” to “people suck” just because it could. My adoration has made it cocky and now it is toying with me. Wow… I think my iPod might be male. 😉

Sister Rain controls the weather in the east, and my powers are clear (It’s snowing in Colorado). She and I just wondered what would happen to the middle of the country if we were both in a bad mood. Now, I understand that there was severe weather in the middle of the country. I suggest you check her iPod.

I’m just saying…

Her iPod may have led her astray. 😉


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