Breaking News on Testosterone

CNN today reports that researchers claim that too much testosterone kills brain cells.

Well… duh 😉

Anyone ever see a guy jump off a club balcony into the waiting arms of the pit with flaming toilet paper in his ass? Right there, you say to yourself, I’m sensing something might be off here. We don’t even have to look at more extreme behavior like not marrying the best thing that ever happened to you because you need to focus on your career, you little bas… um… I digress.

Had these researchers never seen men in their natural habitat before? Not even strip clubs, I mean the tool aisle at Sears, or trapped in their living rooms trying to have a conversation about “relationships”.

How much did this study cost? Because I could have told them men surging with testosterone are almost always going to make the absolute wrong choice for free.

I’m just saying…


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