Speed Date #1 and Leaps Forward

The last seven days has been another one of those periods where it feels like long-gestating projects are making big leaps into being. It’s exciting, but it’s also a little dizzying, as I try to keep track of it all.


My Letter to Fear (Essays on life, love and the search for Prince Charming) appears to have a cover, and I’m waiting on the book proof to arrive, as I type. I should probably stop waiting for the post because it isn’t technically due here until Thursday, but now that I know it is coming, I can’t help myself. I know that it wasn’t the favorite cover for some of you, but it’s the one that worked the best. And now I know exactly which cover I want should my next book be women’s fiction. For those of you who didn’t stay obsessed with the process like I did, here is the mock-up of the book (the actual book is a paperback with a much skinnier spine, but you’ll get the idea).


That’s me on the back of the book. It’s an actual picture of  me on the book. That idea took a little getting used to. I was actually pretty good with me not appearing on the book, but there I am.  It feels a bit more real now, which might explain the nervous energy going through my body at the moment.


Web Series

As we’re in the midst of color correction for the series, we thought we’d release some of the fun improvs that we did while filming the speed date sequences. The first one up is with Kevin Railsback. In real life, he’s a charming, lovely man. In this clip, well… let’s just say it isn’t surprising that Kate is a bit flummoxed by him. Enjoy the bonus footage! 

BONUS SCENE: Speed Date #1 from Kate Dating on Vimeo.
So, that’s what has kept me moving forward over the last week. How about you? What were your leaps forward?


2 comments on “Speed Date #1 and Leaps Forward”

  1. April Goodjohn (Susie Beaty Green)

    Many Congratulations on the publication of your essays. What an exciting feeling to see it for the first time. I know, after bringing human beings into the world, that a book is almost as exciting and profound. Just as painful. Just in different places.
    Although you are brilliant enough to have a book soon to be released, please, don’t stop writing your blog, It’s always enjoyable for me at the end of a long day.

    A story that might set a little flame back to dating horrors you write about: This does not have to do with a date per se, but stick with me. The topic ‘blends’.

    Several weeks ago, I was in Los Angeles for a short holiday with my family. One night, after my parents had retired to their room and taken our children to bed as well, Mike and I stayed downstairs for a drink. While he was in the restroom, I started a casual conversation with a nice looking gentleman next to me. No wedding ring, late 30’s, seemed intelligent in his communication. Why alone? Perhaps still looking?

    When my husband returned, Bruce, told us he was on a short business trip from San Fransisco. We chatted a little more as we enjoyed our cocktails. He confessed that he dates a little but he finds women from the west coast (he being from the east) shallow and mannerless. Mike and I, both native Californian’s, smiled and nodded as politely as west coast folks can manage, and bid him goodnight and a safe trip home.

    I hadn’t thought about him again until, a few days later, while I was waiting at the concierge desk. We were on our way to dinner. Bruce was apparently walking back from a business meeting in a very expensive black suit, perfectly groomed hair, nails, etc. Here’s the kicker. Guess what he was doing as he walked down a busy street in an up-scale neighborhood of Los Angeles? Flossing his teeth. West coast woman are vulgar he says? Last time I checked, Prince Charming didn’t floss as he rode through the woods to seek his princess. If he did, I’m sure he had the decency to stop, and floss, discreetly, behind a large boulder or in a shallow cave.

    The other night, on a date with my husband, after we were seated and had placed our drink orders, he reached into his breast pocket, and pulled a two neatly bundled pieces of dental floss and asked me if I’d like one. We are going to get a lot of mileage out of this.

    Susie Beaty Green

  2. KateDating

    LOL!! I imagine you and your husband will be laughing about that for a long time. Wow!

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