iPod Attacks 2

After a long period of detente, my iPod has gone rogue.

Sure, I downloaded the standard audio clips for Sony Vegas Pro. I admit that those clips ended up in iTunes. But that does not give the iPod the right to shuffle to a blaring rendition of “The Wedding March” as I’m pulling up to the work gate at 6:30 am. It’s just wrong.

Also, it scared the hell out of the guard who happened to be standing there. No doubt, he is single, and thought that I was trying to send a very specific message. I don’t blame the guy for running. Well, I blame him a little bit—I mean, the speed with which he took off might have been excessive.



2 comments on “iPod Attacks 2”

  1. AngeliStarr

    LOL I agree that Ipods can definitely be evil. I swear mine is in tune with my sentiments. Dependent on my emotions it will make me go to the extreme of whatever it is I am feeling. The annoying part is when I dont want to feel a certain kind of way. PS there was definitely an ipod ad at the bottom of this blog when I commented. They know…

  2. Kate, Dating in LA

    Oh, absolutely! If I'm feeling grumpy, my iPod totally tries to push me over the edge on shuffle.AND I laughed out loud at the iPod ad on the bottom of the blog. They really do know, and they are watching. It's only a matter of time before they take over completely. 😉

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