The Great Experiment

I have always thought of myself as a welcoming and friendly soul. Ok, that’s actually a lie, but I don’t think of myself as being particularly mean. I’m just disinterested. I’m not someone who tends to seek attention or companionship most of the time. I covet Kate time.

I have friends, but I far prefer to have a few people who I am very interested in around me on occasion than a lot of always there acquaintances. Sadly, this means the people I do consider friends have to be allowed to express opinions. Whatever. I never saw that in the NDA, but I’m told it’s true.

Two of these friends have, on more than one instance, claimed that the reason men do not approach me to show interest is that there is a gigantic “F*ck You!” sign on my forehead. Well, actually, Pen said I had that sign. Chloe said I give off “this energy”. I’m not from California, so I don’t know what that means, but it sounds good. I, on the other hand, think I’m invisible—that no matter how I look, what I wear or how big my smile is, in a town full of people trying to get attention, I will remain delightfully below the radar.

However, in the interest of fair play (and having the chance to show everyone that I’m right), I have agreed to an experiment. Tonight, Pen and I will be going to a lovely, upscale bar/lounge/something-or-another. I will be wearing the Jimmy Choo boots (it better not rain, those boots do not see weather), and I was assured upon purchase that people would definitely talk to me if I was wearing them (they have never had that affect so far). I will smile. I will engage. I will sit there for at least 5 minutes alone so that no one is threatened by the “female pack”.

Pen thinks magic is definitely a possibility. I think someone will try to sit on my bar stool because they will not realize that I’m sitting there.

Let the games begin!


3 comments on “The Great Experiment”

  1. dandoze

    I can appreciate your courage to experiment. I struggle with dating in LA as well. However, the context of your experiment might limit a "successful" outcome to the type of guy that trolls upscale bars looking for women who sit alone. Is that really what you want this experiment to yield?

  2. Kate, Dating in LA

    dandoze, the experiment was really more about "approachability" rather than dating. The long-standing debate is that I say that "men don't approach me" and my friends claim that I'm "not approachable". So, the idea was to place me into a potentially social situation to see if any interaction might spark a resolution to the debate. Amusingly enough, I believe Pen and I have to call this one a draw.

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