Bathrobe Guy

Last week’s episode of Samantha Who? was all about going on a date when you have amnesia and can’t relate fun life facts to your date (or any facts, at all). I grabbed a pad of paper and a pen because while I don’t technically have amnesia, I do have dating amnesia—as in, it’s been so long, I don’t remember how to do it.

All I can say is, I hope I have Samantha’s luck.

Not only did she not have to leave her house (Ha!), but her mother set her up with the highly delectable Eddie Cibrian. Sure, that’s the way it works in real life, too. I mean, I can’t tell you how many times people have told me to stay at home and then sent me smart, funny, hot men to entertain me. Finally, I just had to tell them to stop. My social calendar was just too full. You know how it is.

Yeah, my reality seems determined to point me more in the direction of people like “helmet man” and “bathrobe guy”.

Who is “bathrobe guy”?

“Bathrobe guy” is a gentleman I encountered on my way home from work. And when I say encountered, I mean almost killed—a small point, really. Completely his fault—obviously. If you are parked on a narrow street full of traffic, don’t fling your door wide open. And if you do that, don’t keep the door wide open while leaning into the car with your leg sticking out in the air for balance and not expect to get hit.

On the upside, if you do engage in risky parking-in-LA behavior, make sure you do it wearing something unconventional, such as reflective clothing, a feather boa, or, as was the case with this dreamboat, pajamas and a bathrobe.

Did I mention that it was about 3:30 in the afternoon?

Yeah, I don’t know, I tend to get dressed before driving around the neighborhood in the afternoon. Then again, I am really old fashioned—not really a risk taker. I mean, what would I do if my pajamas were out of season. So potentially embarrassing!

My first thought was “close your damn door,” but my next thought was “fabulous hunter green bathrobe”. Honestly, the only thing that kept me from declaring my love for him was his lack of combat helmet.

Perhaps, someday, if I am very lucky. . . .


4 comments on “Bathrobe Guy”

  1. Pen

    Wow! You really do seem to have an interesting route home lately! Bathrobe guy is probably just a striking screenwriter, but it is a shame helmet dude hasn’t contacted you!

  2. Kate, Dating in LA

    LOL! I have to wonder if I’m just paying more attention to the men around me these days, or if I’m just running across more interesting specimen.

  3. danielletbd

    No, no, no: Eddie is a giant ass. Don’t let his dimples (and cute ass, ironically enough) fool you! Plus I think he’s married with a kid now or something

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