Everything Old is New Again with the Victorian-Era Homes of LA

I’ve started trying to stick to a new rule– don’t engage with other drivers on major thoroughfares after 2pm. Today I broke that rule in the search of something new.  It took me three times longer to get where I was going, but I finally hit Carroll Avenue in my quest to see the Victorians.

Didn’t know that there was a section of Victorian-era housing in Los Angeles? I’m not surprised, neither did I until recently (the most recent season of Mad Men gave me a hint, and, apparently, one of the houses was the exterior home for Charmed).  Carroll Ave (and the surrounding Victorian dotted streets) is located in Angelino Heights (near Echo Park).  Some of the homes are original to the area (the heights is considered one of the first suburbs in Los Angeles), and some were originally built downtown and then ultimately moved there for preservation.  Most are in excellent condition.  Because of the location, people really aren’t just going to happen upon these homes, but if you find the architecture interesting– or even just love the combination of a Victorian surrounded by palm trees, it’s worth the wander.

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