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Surviving Valentine’s Day: Pauline Parril’s Advice for Married Women

Guest post by Pauline Daley-Parril Valentine’s Day hashtags are proliferating on Twitter. That means one thing: #valentinesdayiscoming. For single women, the 14th of February is tough enough when it’s #nodate and #aloneagain. But for married women, Valentine’s Day is a #minefield #forgetaboutit #norosesforyousister #fml. For women in general, Valentine’s Day is like trying on a new bikini:

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Favorite Internet Challenges

Question of the day: Do you get caught up in Internet challenges? Okay, if your response was, “What is an Internet challenge?” I feel like you probably don’t dive into them (at least not regularly). I do. In fact, I get very excited about them … for about three minutes. Well, it might be more

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A Little Bit of Funny on a Friday

Because it’s Friday, and I think you should have something to help the day go by (and bring on the weekend faster), I’m posting up this short clip of the hilarious Carla Renata reading “Expired” from “My Letter to Fear: Essays on Life, Love and the Search for Prince Charming.” I didn’t know Carla before

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