Favorite Internet Challenges

Sandy FeetQuestion of the day: Do you get caught up in Internet challenges?

Okay, if your response was, “What is an Internet challenge?” I feel like you probably don’t dive into them (at least not regularly). I do. In fact, I get very excited about them … for about three minutes. Well, it might be more than three minutes. I might actually stay in a place of challenge euphoria for a post or two, but then I start to slide into the dreaded “this is a lot of work, and I don’t really care all that much” phase. Deadly.

For those of you who are entirely confused, Internet challenges are usually posed on Twitter or Facebook by groups with large numbers of bloggers as followers. For instance, this month is National Blog Posting Month. BlogHer.com brought it to my attention, and my imagination was momentarily caught up in the idea of posting a blog every day for the entire month of February. It’s unlikely to happen for me given that I have travel coming up, but I liked the idea of it. Could I be that creative? Would the posts all be winners, or would I throw up a random quote one day and call it a success? Would it inspire me to continue to write consistently beyond February? You get the idea.

National Novel Writing Month (November) has been such a big hit that it is actually organized through a website with support resources and set page/chapter goals. I love the notion, and having accountability is often key to getting things accomplished. Have I taken the challenge? Not yet.

I’ve also recently stumbled upon photo challenges (big on Instagram) and a daily Yoga challenge (big on the blogs and Instagram). Again, I love the concepts. Obviously, I need exercise, and if I could write about my developments as I take on Yoga, hilarity could follow. I’ve actually successfully participated in one of the Instagram challenges posed by the SITS Girls, but the challenge was only for 7 days, and I was still in the early infatuation stages with Instagram. Could I follow the challenge tasks for an entire month? hmmm Probably not. By the way, if you want to follow me on Instagram, I’m here: http://instagram.com/patriciasteffy/

So? What are your favorite challenges? They don’t even have to be Internet-based. You may have volunteer/community challenges that you participate in every year. I’m curious, so sound off in the comments!