A Lack of Wisdom in that Tooth


The day after my birthday, Andy and I were enjoying the sights and sounds of San Diego. At least, I was trying to, but a persistent aching started to get in the way. Popping advil wasn’t doing as much good as I hoped, and by the time we returned to Los Angeles, I had a fairly good idea of what was wrong. My wisdom tooth had decided it was time to depart.

Yes, I am far too old to be dealing with this nonsense. Alas, my wisdom tooth disagreed. It had popped through years ago and slowly wedged itself next to my molar – effectively creating a second row of back teeth. Nice. If that wasn’t bad enough, the positioning had made it rather tricky to clean. The pain I was feeling? It was from a cavity IN the wisdom tooth. Not a possibility I had ever considered, but there you have it.

I went in to the dentist for a consult on Monday, but they decided that it was going to come out then and there. Of course, they also thought it was going to be a simple extraction. Ha! Is anything ever simple with me? No. In the end, Andy had to take me to the oral surgeon that night who got rid of the offending tooth, put in a bone chip to block the sinus cavity, and I’ve (more or less) spent the last week on the couch.

Happy birthday to me.

So, while my actual birthday in San Diego was fantastic, so far this new year has left a lot to be desired (for instance, things like solid food). As soon as I’m off the antibiotics, I’ll be yelling for a “do over.” And you know that I’m already counting down the days!

P.S. The photo is courtesy of Andy who stayed with me during most of the procedure. That’s love for you.