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I, like most of the female population of Los Angeles, went to see the Sex and The City movie Saturday morning. I went with a female friend (who was wearing great shoes) and her boyfriend (yep, you know that’s love) to a 10:10am showing, and it was packed. I mean, packed. It was probably 95% women, but there were some men there with dates. I can safely say there were no single, straight dudes out with other single, straight dudes who decided that the movie sounded like fun, but an amazing crowd nonetheless. And, as Kevin and Bean (and Ralph) pointed out on KROQ, it was probably a banner weekend for cat sitters everywhere.

I enjoyed the series. I thought it was an interesting take on the dating scene, and it showed that no matter how successful you were in your career, no matter how smart, no matter how motivated—love was always going to leave you befuddled and confused, at least temporarily. Plus, the shout-out to urban families in the form of close friends was always something with which I could identify.

Despite that fact that I liked the show, I was not actually looking forward to this movie. First, I was sick to death of the promotion. It seems like it has been everywhere for months. I’m so grateful that the movie is out now because maybe that means we can stop hearing about it on TV—and start hearing about The X-Files (mwwwhaaaaa haaaa haaa).

Plus, I thought the series ended well, and that the movie wasn’t necessary. After seeing it… well, it still wasn’t necessary, but it was fun. I don’t know that it broke new ground, in fact, we covered some of the same ground again, but there were many moments throughout the movie that were genuinely emotion provoking. And no, it wasn’t only when they showed all those amazing shoes. There were, alas, also moments where you felt like you were reading a fashion magazine—all ads, no articles (how many clothing montages did we have?). Thankfully, if you were a fan of the show, there was enough of a story for you to stay invested in the 2 ½ hour running time (which didn’t feel nearly as long as it sounded when I went in there).

There is another plus to the movie, ladies. I won’t give away the plot. I’ll only say two words: Dante, Shower. Enough said. You’ll understand when you see the movie.

What’s really interesting to me is that the pundits seem to be stunned that this movie did well (the movie is already the most successful romantic comedy debut of all time). All the articles are pointing to the power of the “older woman viewer with a disposable income” and the fact that the summer is rarely a place to find films that target adult, female audiences. Shocking! Shocking! Who knew adult women wanted entertainment? Oh, wait. I did – and anyone who reads this blog and the thousands of others floating through cyberspace like it. And those Moonlight fans. And all those women who keep the chick lit genre going. And all those women who are over 25 and live anywhere in this country. But other than for those people, it is quite shocking, I’m sure.


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  1. danielletbd

    I was disappointed with the montages, too; I know the show became this huge fashion-forward piece of programming, but I certainly didn’t need three of them! I was also disappointed that some stories took a backseat and became almost “filler” to Carrie’s never-ending quest for Big. I said if he didn’t show up at the alter (Spoiler Alert), the movie would be all about her, and it would suffer as she did. The show is supposed to be about the four of them and their friendships, but I really only saw the friendship between Carrie and Miranda in the movie. Samantha and Charlotte (especially her storyline) just seemed like they had to fit them into the movie because they were part of the original show but the producers didn’t quite know what to do with them.

  2. danielletbd

    But all that being said, I didn’t hate it. It’s a fun time to go with your girlfriends and laugh and reminisce. Now they’re talking about a sequel, and I think THAT would be much too much, just like Samantha’s flower ring.

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