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This Week on Dating in LA

This week has been consumed by wandering, Halloween-ing and strict contemplation of the future. If you’ve been preoccupied by any of those things, here is what you’ve missed: Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths The Things We Put Off Broke Girls Travel Halloween Countdown Finding Tranquility in an Unexpected Place Channel Islands Harbor Examiner.com

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The 7 Minute Solution

I have run across a significant number of life/time management books over the last few years.  It seems that the entire world had suggestions for how to better organize my newly liberated life once I quit my job.  I mentioned this to Pen, and she pulled out a slew of self-helpy kind of books that

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To Do Thoughts

I’m looking at my “No Really You Have To Do These Things” list.  It’s not a ton of stuff, but there are 14 things that absolutely must be done before the weekend. Naturally, I should prioritize them by which ones are most urgent (and longest ignored). Instead, my thought process goes something like this: “Which

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