It’s Really the Little Things

WrongWayThe other day someone asked me what was wrong (as I appeared out of sorts), and I replied, “life.”  This comes off sounding evasive, but really it is the most complete answer I can possibly give because there are days when “my life” really is the thing that is wrong.

There were no catastrophes (thank goodness).  No death, famine, disease or homelessness had darkened my door (knock on wood). But, seemingly, hundreds of little things that make up an average day had been going wrong—and had been going wrong for weeks.

It sparked the familiar refrain in my mind, “Why can’t anything just be easy for once?” I can see by that cyber-head nodding that you relate.  It’s not just the career delays that had me chanting that question repeatedly. It was silly things like finally getting my business taxes done, only to be thwarted by the postal system’s network going down after I’d already been standing in line for 30 minutes (I know that this is a great reason to e-file, but for various reasons, that option was not open to me—as I found out as I tried to do it).

Traffic problems, food problems, stomach problems, forgetting to get everything at the grocery store, misrepresentations, skin problems, missed calls, misunderstandings, rescheduled meetings, bills, more rescheduled meetings, rejections, TMJ and lousy sleep seem to populate the last two weeks. My friends and I joke that it’s “hashtag pilot season,” but I’m really starting to wonder if there is something cosmic afoot. Most of us appear to be stuck in this loop of tedious annoyance that makes attempting even the smallest tasks seem unusually daunting (or suicidal).

Some have suggested exercise (tried that—class was canceled). Others have suggested meditation (construction noise really adds something special to that process). I suggested winning the lottery would make many of these annoyances instantly less annoying—so far the lottery gods have yet to comply.

So, I’m open to more suggestions. When everything in life seems set to annoy (or thwart )you, what do you do? And please remember that it took people two hours to go eight miles yesterday on the 405, so “road trips” of any kind are probably not going to do the trick.

5 comments on “It’s Really the Little Things”

  1. Dee Murray

    Pizza, wine and Doctor Who. After a good cry holding your woobie of choice. That is really the only thing you can do. it’s the Universe telling you to stop everything and eat pizza. and drink wine. and watch Doctor Who. Once the crying is done.

  2. helen

    Amen,sister. As someone who is ten years into the career change that was meant to make my life better (oh the best laid plans of mice and men…), I can only say you are singing my song. And from conversations I’ve had this week, we are in good company. Is this a generational thing? An LA thing? I see smart, edcucated, competant folks all around me who are struggling.

  3. Marisa

    TWO HOURS TO GO EIGHT MILES? I would have left my damn car.

    (This is not a helpful suggestion. I’m just in awe.)

    In all seriousness, well, I don’t know if I have any magic cures. But if I’m not completely exhausted, there’s something to be said for putting on a fast-paced song (or something you can sing really loudly) and just letting loose for like 3 minutes.

  4. M

    I understand life can throw curves at a person and it’s hard to remember on some days that no matter how bad you think you’ve got it, somebody has it worse, but…somebody has it worse. The only advice I have is to keep things in perspective, put things in their box, and although the annoyances will no doubt still occur, you’ll be better able to cope with them. For every inconvenience, try to think of a positive. Traffic? At least I can still drive, etc. You know what I mean. Not to be a deranged cheer-leading martyr, but when life really kicks you in the ass, inconveniences become just that. It’s all perspective. 🙂

  5. Carey

    I would have to second Dee Murray’s comment: only, I would change Doctor Who to The Wire. Aren’t you glad you didn’t grow up in inner city Baltimore? Anyhow, if you’re feeling down, just imagine that Omar is your BFF. All your problems will vanish (and die) after that.

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