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Despite the fact that this web series started as a blog, I’ve always found sharing the things I write with the world to be a very challenging process. A blog is relatively anonymous. Having your work produced is not.

I’ll admit that this took some getting used to. Every time we would send out the scripts to agents or manager during the casting process, I would hold my breath. Confidence is not my strongest suit, and I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone who would describe me as an aggressive pursuer of anything. So, imagine the trepidation involved in not only asking professionals to embody your characters, but having a lot of people, all of sudden, read your work.

But that’s how this process started. I sent my work out into the world and hoped for a positive response from actors I personally admire.  Yes, as luck would have it, the female actors had read my work before, but Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths is a very different animal from the monologue pieces from the book (My Letter to Fear). Would they find the parts challenging, funny, engaging? Would their managers? I couldn’t be sure. The fact that I actually got such a positive response is something that still surprises (and delights) me.


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