When Nothing Works

Patricia Steffy
Photo credit: Meghan Wilson

I’m feeling creatively bankrupt (as opposed to financially bankrupt which may also be true in the not so distant future). The words aren’t coming, and it doesn’t matter what I do.

It’s gloomy out—normally a sign that writing is on the horizon. Instead, I’m just staring out the window watching the gloom. Maybe if it actually rained? Then again, I have my sound machine going. I should be tricking my brain into thinking that there is a monsoon happening outside (or at least that I’m writing in the shower).  Rather than being inspired, I’m just sort of thirsty.

I have my stretchy writing pants on because who can write when you are all bound up in skinny jeans? I have a big sweater wrapped around me. I’m even wearing socks. This does not happen often. Still… nothing.

I’ve called out the big guns (no, not alcohol); I’ve hit play on my iTunes playlist, aptly entitled, “When nothing else works.”  And while I am singing along with The Civil Wars (If I didn’t know better…), the block is still firmly in place.

No amount of self-threatening has prompted the flow of ideas. I keep watching the little flashing arrow on my screen just waiting for me to suddenly kick into gear. How can a person with so many opinions suddenly have so little to say?

I know what I have to do. I have deadlines. I have goals. I have the need. I have the need of others. What I don’t have are the words.

What do you do when something needs to be written, but the words elude you? I’m open to nearly all suggestions (and ghost writers). Hit me up in the comments or in an email. I’ll also accept notes by skywriter. Please keep in mind that if your suggestion is triple chocolate bundt cake from Mardy’s Munchies that you need to get it to me as soon as possible… you know… for the sake of science.

5 comments on “When Nothing Works”

  1. Dee Murray

    Thirsty is a great start! Channel your inner Hemingway…get ripped up on cheap, rummy girly drinks (or wine) and just start typing. You could get gobbldey gook. You could get “Old Man and the Sea”. Of course if you REALLY got “Old Man and the Sea”, I’d be SUPER impressed with your drinking abilities!

  2. Meg

    Pretty picture! 🙂 Also, how about a hot beverage in a pretty coffee mug? That always helps me. Or at least gives me something hot to hold and snuggle in my couch with while continuing to procrastinate.

  3. KateDating

    LOL!! I’d like to figure out how to make both sets of suggestions work (hot chocolate on one side of the computer and wine on the other?). I remember having this hot mulled wine when I was living in the UK that would fit rather well. Sadly, I don’t see any of that hanging out in my house.

  4. Meg

    Yes, mulled wine! Employ the Rayna James technique and just start drinking until you can’t remember anything and then awake the next day to find you’ve struck song gold! Or in your case…writing gold. Make sure someone is there to film it for you to view later on your iPad. Clearly.

  5. KateDating

    Ha! Are you suggesting that doesn’t happen all the time? I mean, I have at least two cameras going every time I write. I like to have coverage options. ;P

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