What is it about November that makes my brain start to think that it’s basically January?  

I’m not kidding. Each November I get the distinct feeling that time is speeding up. For instance, Christmas is more than a month away, but my list of things to do before then is so long that it feels like it is this weekend. I had to actually stop for a minute yesterday and remind myself that Thanksgiving is next week.

The stores aren’t helping when the holiday lights have been up for weeks, and I’m already getting tips for a happy and healthy new year in my email.

I’m waiting for the moment where I frolic in some leaves somewhere (tricky here), or kick back with a blankie and a book for an afternoon. Instead, I keep thinking that if I don’t get certain tasks accomplished before the end of November, I might as well not do them until next year.

Is it just me? Is my brain just processing all the tasks, the festivities and travel into one whirlwind inside my brain that grabs me up and tosses me out into 2013? Is it possible for you take a breath once the mid-way mark in November has been crossed?

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