What is the color of his pants trying to communicate?

With our one year anniversary recently on our minds, the boy and I have been doing a lot of reminiscing about things like our first date, first impressions, etc.  I remember quite vividly many things about him—particularly the moment when he first opened the door at my friend C’s apartment.  So, when I got this piece in my email, I found myself highly entertained.

Apparently, a guy’s pants are communicating quite a bit about him on a first date (no, not what is in them, the color of them). Men, according to this survey by Barley & Britches representing 1,300 respondents, some women are judging you based on your pants.

Here’s what the survey found:

  • If you want women to think you’re rich, responsible and a perfect long term partner, wear khaki colored pants.
  • If you want to seem like a wild, adventurous, offbeat, or creative date, wear colorful pants like dark red or bright blue – but you also run the risk of being seen like just a hookup.
  • If you want ladies to think you like the finer things in life, wear dark but still colorful pants – such as dark purple.
  • Wearing green pants will communicate that you’re a world traveler – but that you also may live with your parents.

Now, I can honestly say that I didn’t notice the boy’s pants. I’m pretty sure they were jeans on both our first meeting and our first date. I’m absolutely positive they were not dark red or bright blue despite the fact that he’s quite a creative fellow. Of course, now I’m wondering if I should get him colorful pants for Christmas. Hmmmm

Anyway, Sim has created “The EveryDay Chino” that covers these communicating colors at a perfectly reasonable price. There’s even a kickstarter for the new chinos, as the designer is striking out on his own to bring his vision to life. If you are curious about it, you can go here:  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1022959772/barley-and-britches-the-everyday-chino  They are actually pretty close to being funded, which is great. I love to see projects get off the ground that way.

What do you think? How much does the color of your date’s pants impact your decisions? Is this more of a 20-something thing? Picture your mate (or perfect mate). Would Mr. Darcy wear red pants? Well, he was very fashionable, so it’s possible. I’ve certainly dated men wearing khakis, and they did seem quite responsible with long-term earning  potential—of course, that was college, so that may have all been wishful thinking.

Now I’m wondering what jeans say? What was the boy trying to communicate—other than, I need to wear pants?

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