Totally Worth It

Now this is a man who cares about his girlfriend’s needs:

$350,000 for a kiss from George Clooney (oh, and a lovely vacation, I’m sure) … hmmm sounds perfectly reasonable, actually. I’m just a little short of that. I’m sure if I cut out life’s little luxuries like food and shelter, in a few years I could get maybe a touch on the arm.

Maybe we should have some sort of charitable fundraiser. I’m actually starting the foundation paperwork right now. I’m torn on the name of the foundation, though. Should it be called “Give Money to Kate for George Clooney Kisses Foundation”, or “$350,000 is a small price to pay for true love… or something a little to the left of love Foundation”, or “Yes, Kate Really Is that Desperate Foundation”? OR maybe it should be something more generic so that when we invariably raise far more than $350,000 for such a worthy cause, other deserving women can receive financial assistance. For instance, I am perfectly willing, after winning the fair George, of course, to assist my friend Chloe in her quest for Paul Walker. He might be even a little less expensive than George—we might be able to get Paul Walker kisses for closer to $200,000.

No, I don’t see the similarities between this and prostitution. Why? This is charity. And as I’ve noted many times, I’m all about the giving.

Kate, looking for loose change so she can start the bidding

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