Throwback Thursday: Easter Bonnet

We’re throwing way back today. This looks like Easter. I’m guessing either 1970 or 71. I’m clearly cranky. I’m guessing that I was not digging the hat, and my basket looks empty — possibly pre-egg hunt, so I have not yet been given candy.

Thinking back, it was a probably a rebuilding year for my sports teams (when isn’t it), and it looks like I was gearing up for a great summer of days in the park, trips to the zoo, and some serious swing set time. There are zero concerns about weight gain on my face. Nope, I’m looking for chocolate, and I’m going to enjoy every last piece. I don’t seem to be stressing about money. Overall, I’m pretty styling for the time period (please, let’s keep most of the fashion from the 1970s in the 1970s), and I know that I can ditch that bonnet behind a pillow as soon as the grown ups look away. I’m not all that concerned about when maintenance is going to come up and fix the clog in the sink — mostly because I probably only have a vague understanding of water pipes are at this stage.

If only I could say the same about the present.

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