3 Years

Feet Meet Ocean

For many people, today is tax day. For me, April 15th will be forever known as the day I left my job at a law firm after nearly 17 years. It was a day of relief. It was a day of change. And 3 years later, the changes are coming faster than ever.

I should have something profound to say at this point. I should be able to point to all the lessons learned, and to advise you on what to do if you are faced in a similar situation. Let me give it a shot—if you wake up every morning dreading your life, think about quitting. Profound, right? But here’s the catch—it will cost you more money than you thought it would, and your searching phase will last longer than you thought possible. It’s just a guess, but it’s a good one.

For me, I thought I would be back in another job—only one more fabulous and not mentally scarring—within six months. I hadn’t been out of a job for more than 3 months since college (a shockingly long time ago). I was absolutely certain I would have a plan, and be well on a single road to success.

Now, 3 years later, I am on many roads, or so it would seem. I’m an author. I’m a travel writer. I have a screenplay trapped in coverage. I have a web series pilot presentation that is on the funding trail. And while I frequently bemoan the financial uncertainties that come with such an independent lifestyle, I can’t say that I would make any other choices – except maybe doing some of these things sooner.

What intrigues me today is how much change is coming at me now, after all this time. Part of that is getting rid of some things that are weighing me down. So, you’ll be seeing some online yard sales and furniture listings soon. Some of that change involves leaving a place I’ve sheltered in for nearly 16 years to make a new life elsewhere—but don’t worry; I’ll still be bemused in LA, just in a new home. While it might seem like bad timing to uproot myself from a physical place of security while so many things are up in the air, it might just be the kick I need to continue moving forward.

For all of you contemplating your next moves, I’m mentally toasting you with a mimosa right now… because the real drinking doesn’t start until the packing begins.

Happy April 15th!

4 comments on “3 Years”

  1. dee murray

    Mwah!!!!! cheers and to all things great and small and hopeful!

  2. Claire

    I’m so excited to help sell all your crap and rearrange stuff in a new place!!!!! xxoo

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