This Week on Dating in LA

Pumpkins, goats and ridiculously needless cosmetic procedures filled my thoughts this week.  If you were busy and missed any of this insanity, take a look:

Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths

My Hollywood Story
Let’s just say I’ve gotten some interesting requests during auditions.

NSFW: Hot Air up the Hooha
Do  you have a flabby cervix? Of course you don’t! Because it’s not a thing! So, tell the universe to leave you alone.

Broke Girls Travel

Top 25 Cities in the World

Changing Leaves in Oak Glen

Throwback Thursday: Moscow, Russia (USSR)

 Will Rogers State Park Trees

Daily Dose of Halloween

Black and White Photos of Ventura Harbor (Photos)

Celebrate fall in Oak Tree Village (Photos)

Apples, pirates and history await you on Parrish Pioneer Ranch (Photos)

Ventura Harbor Village shines even on a foggy day (Photos)

History and beauty combine at Olivas Adobe Historical Park (Photos)