The Magic Age Is…

44. That’s right – the magic age for the most depressed people experiencing a mid-life crisis is 44. At least that’s what I got from this article:

Oh, good—something to look forward to, indeed.

Apparently, it is at this age where people have to admit that all of their aspirations for love and life aren’t going to come true, and that it’s time to readjust their expectations. Let’s face it—no one calls you precocious at 44. Remember when you were a teenager and you were absolutely sure you were meant for greatness? Oooh, so close.

According to this theory, it’s the time to figure out a way to accept where you are in life, while simultaneously raging at the heavens; demanding to know how you got there.

Well… that sounds like fun.

Maybe if I start to revise my expectations downward right now, 44 wont be so difficult. Of course, then I’m just likely to be even more depressed about my total lack of goals and aspirations.

Is there good news? Sure! The depression that hits at 44 lasts for years.


All I can say is, 43 better be a helluva good time.


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