The Email and Other Thoughts for the Weekend

The Email

Back before my life took an unexpected George Clooney turn, I committed the text message sin. We had the big, dramatic goodbye scene at the reunion, and for reasons I cannot fathom, I decided to add a “to be continued” to it. Seduced by the informality of the medium, I sent birthday greetings into the ether in the direction of the Ex, only to yell “wait, no!!!!” when I sent it. When I got a reply email, I chickened out and couldn’t open it. I decided to wait for the weekend. Friday night is date night, so I got a glass of wine, and opened it. No drama. It was lovely, chatty and informative with just a touch of groveling to excuse his missing my birthday (as well he should!). While I still haven’t written him back, I’m sure I’ll get my fingers moving soon. So, the result is no harm, no foul and no tension with the situation. And I’ve started breathing again, so that’s a plus.

Baby Mama

Have you guys seen the ads for the new Tina Fey movie? She’s had no luck with relationships, and she is in her late thirties and has decided that she wants to have a baby. Hilarity ensues as she chooses her surrogate. Normally, I probably wouldn’t be all that into going to the theater to see this movie, but Tina Fey’s hapless character is named Kate. How can I not go? Characters named Kate are apparently always romantically-impaired, and it’s time I embrace the legacy.


Despite being preternaturally cynical when it comes to the whole concept of love and Prince Charming, I’m quite enamored with the movie Enchanted. So much so, that I had to buy it on DVD. I love that the little girl thinks she’s going to have to give up her bedroom after learning that her dad wants to get remarried and have the wife live with them. Plus, there’s nothing like singing along with “I’ve been dreaming of my true love’s kiss” while scrubbing the toilet.


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  1. danielletbd

    I’ve been obsessed with “Baby Mama” since first finding the trailer for it months ago and posting it on my blog. I have the poster hanging behind my desk at work. I love both Fey and Poehler and think anytime a studio attempts a comedic buddy film with females in the lead, it will be a fun time. I will be there opening night. Let me know if you want to come see it :)PS I reviewed “Enchanted” for last month when it came out on DVD. I was saddended to find that on my second screening of the film I couldn’t help but nitpick at all the glaring details they glossed over or which were contradictory that they hoped the audience wouldn’t notice. I still love the movie, though, and I watched it in my bathrobe last weekend while eating half a tube of cookie dough.

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