Auto Trader Commercial?

Has anyone else seen the new commercial? The commercial takes place in a bar. A lovely woman goes up to a guy and introduces herself. The guy immediately asks her how old she is. She replies, uncomfortably, that she is 37. And that’s the end of the conversation. He tells her that he’s looking for something younger– much younger, and then leaves.

The point of it is that for autotrader, you can now choose the “age” of your used vehicle.

It’s funny, in a painful, tragic way. Always nice to know that if I were a used car, I’d be headed for the junkyard.


Kate, thinking it’s time for a new paint job

2 comments on “Auto Trader Commercial?”

  1. danielletbd

    I have not seen that commercial, and my immediate response is: Ew. But I bet that only runs in LA and NY.

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