Taylor Revisited

You’re right. I should have done something when I passed by grande/laptop guy. In fact, as I was passing him, I thought to myself “a normal person would know what to do”. There are people who will start chatting with strangers easily. My ex was one of those people. My friend Veronica is also a chatter. Me? Not so much.

Given the scenario, what would you have said? I came up with the riveting “Hi!” while smiling option. And there is also the cooler, hipper “hey” while looking bored. Of course, neither were used since I was more than a block away before I thought of anything at all. Yep– they don’t call me the great communicator for nothing.

So what are your suggestions? Anna had the suggestion of cards with my name and number coupled with the casual drop. I like it because it gets the info out there without obligation. It also harkens back to the days of a gentleman retrieving an “accidentally” discarded handkerchief. The only tricky part would be if someone other than the intended would-be-gentleman-caller picked up the card. But hey– run and hide is a technique I’m good at!

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