I’ve decided that I need to pitch myself as a character for that new show “Heroes”. No– not for my amazing ability to make men disappear (Chloe, I heard that ). Instead, I will pitch myself as “Blend Girl”– as in disappear into the background girl, practical invisibility.

Think I’m kidding? I have had people in elevators lean up against me thinking I was part of the wall. I’ve been in a check-out line at a deli back in NYC, and I had a girl flip her hair over MY shoulder.

It isn’t a recent phenomenon– my ex saw it happen. I was waiting for him at Home Depot and some woman pulled her cart up and actually backed up two inches in front of me to wait for someone.

Could it be the earthtones I wear? I’m very short, perhaps I am mistaken for a shrub or chair? I always thought that my being non-threatening was a positive attribute, but perhaps I’ve now taken that to an extreme. Remind me to wear a bright color if I plan on approaching a guy– wouldn’t want him to think that he’s been stood up even after I’ve sat down at the table. 😉

If only I could use this power for good (and by good, I mean debauchery)… something involving George Clooney and naked time. MWHAA HAA HAAA

But in the meantime, writers of “Heroes”– call me!

Kate…right here… no here… warmer… warmer….

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