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Interview for Squidoo Author Series

Bonnie Diczhazy did an interview with me about “My Letter to Fear (Essays on life, love and the search for Prince Charming)” for the Squidoo Author Series: http://www.squidoo.com/an-interview-with-patricia-steffy-my-letter-to-fear-essays-on-life-love-and-the-search-for-prince-charming The book is officially released tomorrow, but Amazon has actually already made it available for print book and Kindle orders.  In fact, you can find a link to the

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That Confusing Spark of Motivation

I find myself with a couple of days on my own.  When I realized this an odd little bout of motivation was sparked. Before I knew it, I had a list of (conservatively) 50 items that I would take care of while I had this time. They ranged from the mundane to the impossible (or

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