Six Degrees

Some people in our lives are never meant to leave us… Which is too bad really because some people should just stay gone, damn it. 😉

I received an email today from a lovely woman in another state, who I have never met, thanking me for my “in memoriam” donation to her fine arts organization (in honor of a woman, who sadly did pass on too early, but after a full life). The organization was one that most of my friends and I were involved in way back when. It was a pleasant, lovely email from someone with a last name that made a light bulb go off. Nah… couldn’t be….

You see once upon a time Kate dated a guy who, like many men, turned out to be a jerk, and it ended. I was in my late teens, and I didn’t spend a whole lot of time being bummed out (unlike my current practically Guinness record holding round of mourning for THE all time ex). Years later I heard from a mutual friend that he had gotten married and then divorced to someone from back home who he had met while doing theater productions. blah blah blah. The name of his ex-wife? Let’s call her “Diane Barnes”.

Woman who signed my email this morning? “Diane Barnes”.

Could be a coincidence, but better than even odds that my ex’s ex-wife now works for this fine arts organization, and she just sent me an email. huh… small world. Very, very small…scary small, actually…

So, kids, as you shoot emails off into the world, keep in mind that the stranger you are conversing with may have been married to one of your ex-boyfriends. You could complete a transaction and discuss development goals with a stranger 3000 miles away, neither of you realizing just how much the two of you have in common.

Kate, hiding in LA

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