Dating George Clooney

Ok, people. This is not a drill. The following story made the rounds this morning– just to annoy the photogs, George Clooney will be dating someone different every night. Now I know in the past I have been reticent about dating actors (or… um… anyone), but I’m willing to make an exception for the delightful Mr. Clooney. You know… just to help him out with his plan. Because I’m a giver 🙂

One slight, very small problem, is that technically, he did say that he wanted to date a “famous” actress every night. Since I’m not actually a famous actress, there might be some difficulty getting me in this line. HOWEVER, I’m sure that we could spin me as the “reality that throws them all off” girl. Or we need to make me famous and very quickly. I mean, I can hold a suitcase like the last girl they photographed with him. I have a lot of practice holding suitcases. Sure, not a model, but I’ve got mad “holding suitcase” skills.

What do you think? Are you with me?

This doesn’t mean I have to leave my apartment, does it? I mean, can’t we just line the photogs up down by the pool and have them try to catch us on my balcony? What? Defeats the purpose you say? I’ll work on it. You guys handle the other bit (getting me on his date list), and I’ll seriously ponder leaving the house in the evening. Oh, the sacrifices I am willing to make for this man.

Kate, seriously thinking of dating George Clooney in LA.


Clooney to Date New Starlet “Every Night”
Publicists of the world, line up your clients. The famously paparazzi-averse George Clooney has a plan to scuttle those pesky photogs: He says he’s going to spend every single night for three months with a different famous actress. “You know, Halle Berry one night, Salma Hayek the next, and then walk on the beach holding hands with Leonardo DiCaprio,” says Clooney in the November Vanity Fair.

The “Ocean’s 13” star’s thinking is that people would somehow buy fewer magazines if they weren’t sure if they were being pranked or not by that serial jokester Clooney. Perhaps his appearance the other night at a Studio City sushi joint with a “Deal or No Deal” suitcase lass was the debut appearance in the series.

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