Shrek is Killing My Love Life

It’s not like I’m not trying at least a teensy bit to date. I am. For instance, periodically, I leave my apartment. And when I do so, at least 35% of the time, I have combed my hair. So, you can see that I’m really putting some effort into this whole “finding another love of a lifetime” thing.

But I’m not getting anywhere. And now not only am I am being thwarted by age, cellulite and antisocial tendencies, but now I am being thwarted by an animated green ogre.

Shrek is killing my love life.

Really, who hasn’t said that sentence before? I’m sure most people have, but this is a first for me. How is the green monster (for once, I’m not talking about envy) trashing my prospects?

I’ve been trying to put together this screening/party thing. I’ve mostly squashed my antisocial outlook, and I’ve tried to embrace this as an opportunity. So, I went out on a limb, and I issued a special invitation to a young gentleman caller (or emailer, really) with whom I’ve chatted on a number of occasions. This constitutes a bold move for me. Bold, people. Very, very bold. Sigh.

Well, the screening date and party plans that we put together have been killed by Shrek. Shrek is booked in for early screenings, so when our original date got pushed, we couldn’t go to the backup date. As of right now, we have no screening date. Which means have no party date. Which means I have no date.

Freakin’ Shrek.

Kate, who shouldn’t be planning parties to begin with, in LA

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