Party Planning

I’ve been asked to help schedule and plan a party.

Let’s just let that sink in for a moment.

I have been asked to plan a party. Yeah, because when you think to yourself—gosh, you know who loves going to and throwing parties? Kate. Totally. She loves people. She can’t get enough of people. Social. Social. Social. She’s never home. Life is just one big party for Kate. You certainly don’t find her hiding in a corner behind a plant.

You know what aspect she loves the most—Food. Lord only knows how much she loves dining out, particularly at night. Foodie and Kate are practically synonymous. Foodie, party planning and Kate. She’s really the best person for the job.

I mean… have these people met me? Have the words “I want to throw a party” ever left my mouth? Not to my knowledge. In fact, I’m not sure the words “I want to go to a party” have often left my mouth (alright, there was that one time that involved a guy, a frat party and a toga, but that was years ago, and all the witnesses have been disappeared).

On what planet does someone expect me to have any clue how much food feeds 150 people, or how much that would reasonably cost? I go to the grocery store once a month tops. And if it is food that can’t be eaten while standing over the sink in my kitchen, it’s going to stay in my freezer a very long time.

I’ve known these people for years, but either they aren’t remotely aware of who they are dealing with, or they just don’t have time to do it themselves.

So, dear friends, expect a call. One, or more of you, will be coming very, very soon to a restaurant near you (well, near me). And you will sit down and play taste tester.

Now, any volunteers to help me test out the alcohol? Since I rarely drink, I’m going to need help on that one, too.

Dang… phone is already ringing, and I haven’t even posted this yet.

Lushes. 😉

Please pray for me. Or rather, pray for the guests. They’ve worked hard. They deserve a good time.

(Ok, go ahead and pray doubly hard for me. I may need to hibernate soon just to recover).

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