Review: 30 Days of New

My “30 Days of New” challenge ended last week. How time flies! Most of my discoveries were small things: new restaurants, new products, new tools (Instagram!), and new shows. I did not discover a magical mystery tour. I did not find buried treasure during my first hike on a desolate beach (that one really bummed me out because I was sure that was going to happen). But I did find some new things that I loved, and want to do again.

My two favorite new things: outdoor movie watching and sailing. They were both surprises to me.

Waiting for "The Holy Grail" at the Street Food Cinema event.

The outdoor movie watching experience was a 50/50 attempt. It really could have gone either way with me. I did like the movie showing (The Holy Grail), and I do enjoy some food trucks now and again. But I hate crowds, and I hesitate to have to be downtown unless I really have to be. Turned out that the crowd was completely well-behaved and the positives far outweighed the minuses. Alas, even in Los Angeles which can see its hottest temps in October, the outdoor movie experience tends to be mostly a summer activity. Ah, well. At least I know about it for next summer.

Sun setting on my first sail


Sailing had a lot of uncertainty in it. I’ve been sea-sick on some very big boats (ships even), so I was just praying not to ruin the day for everyone else on the boat. Perhaps I’m a natural sailor (doubtful), or perhaps the dramamine did the trick (I’ve never taken it before), but not even a wibble. I felt pretty adventurous for the first time in a year. Sailing probably has a season, too. But I’m hoping to get at least one more sail in before I have to wear mittens on the ocean.


I was actually a little sorry to see the 30 days end. There was a lot of pressure to find new things to do each day and more pressure to try to make the small discoveries interesting. But the challenge did get me moving again, and I hope the motivation continues!

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