I have a welcome mat outside my door.  I recognize that this in and of itself is not a remarkable happening. Many people have them.  Here’s the thing: I didn’t put it there. It just appeared one day. I opened my apartment door, and there it was.

It’s nice. I’m sure it will be lovely on those wet days that Los Angeles has twice a year. It is big enough to probably accommodate two people at a time (though why that many people at one time would be coming into my apartment, I don’t know).

It throws me. It has been there nearly a week now, and it still throws me. Every time I open the door, I see it and stop. The confusion passes, but I’m guessing it’s going to be a while before my brain adjusts.

After a tiny bit of investigation (namely, actually reading the information they put in my mailbox), I find that it is a present from the apartment’s management company. Apparently, people add homey touches to their apartments, and the complex was looking to add a little uniformity to the process. Or they want me to be more welcoming (which is going to take more than a mat).

I like presents. They should feel free to give me more of them. It might take me a while to get used to them, but I accept all gifts… eventually.

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