I have a guilty pleasure that I must confess: I love Gossip Girl. I love the clothes. I love much of the music. I love the intrigue and machinations. And much like after the first year of “The Facts of Life”, I wish I looked like a character named Blair.

I don’t love that they are supposed to be playing teenagers. In fact, it bothers me quite a bit. So, in order to watch my guilty pleasure, I merely think of them as manipulative 35-year olds who are amazingly well preserved. That way the show is more like Dallas (but without the shoulder pads). It’s like Dynasty (without the shoulder pads). It’s like Falcon Crest (without the… yeah, you get the idea).

(In the spirit of true confessions, I’m actually a bit more interested in Rufus and Lily (the parents) than any of the kids, most of the time. Plus, Rufus is ridiculously thoughtful and adorable.)

But all I really want to know is are we going to spend season two trying to figure out who shot Georgina? Because you know that girl is working her inner J.R., and it’s only a matter of time.

Think anyone at work would notice if I started signing internal memos with XOXO?

Kate, who thinks it is remotely possible that I’m experiencing a true phase of arrested maturity

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  1. Kate, Dating in LA

    Rob Estes is quite an attractive draw for me. I’m not sure. I think it depends if they do something new with it, or if it just becomes Gossip Girl in LA. But you know I’ll at least check it out for nostalgia sake. I still remember one of the early ones of the original. Brenda got a fake id, and her birth year was the same as mine, to which she replied, “no one is going to believe I’m that old”. grrrrr

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