You know what’s cute – a little boy singing all the words to “It’s a Small World”. Totally adorable. It’s the kind of free-wheeling joy in life that people don’t exhibit after a certain age. We hide. We run away from open expression in Starbucks. Unless someone has dropped hot coffee on us, of course, and then we actually do freely express many, many things. But this young man is just having a good time.

Still. He’s still having a very good time. Still singing the words to that song. Still.


Still. He’s still singing. What a blessing…in disguise…a very hidden blessing.

Kate, trying to write a press release, but focusing on trying to find something that rhymes with vexing instead

2 comments on “Cute”

  1. danielletbd

    Speaking of Malibu, as I was leaving today, the second unit crew for “Seven Pounds” was coming in to set up for an evening shoot. If I thought there was any chance of seeing Will Smith (even being the crazy Scientologist that he is) or Michael Ealy, I would have plopped my chair right back down@

  2. Kate, Dating in LA

    Was that what was filming earlier in the day, too? I saw the signs (and couldn’t park in my normal area), but had no idea what the acronym stood for. Must spend more time in Malibu!

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