My Favorite Things in 2014: Two Christmas Celebrations


In 2014 I got to celebrate Christmas twice: once with my family in Ohio and once with Andy in Los Angeles. I feel like I got the best of both worlds in that I got to enjoy the season with people I love, in both traditional and non-traditional settings and ways. I decorated two trees, had two Christmas dinners and got to bask in lots of love.

It was also the first year I’ve been in Los Angeles on Christmas Day. Andy worked very hard to make it special, and it was fun. It was certainly warmer! We even socialized with others on Christmas Eve – unheard of for me. But Los Angeles is also a strange town because most of the city clears out for the holidays. Suddenly, you can get anywhere in 20 minutes or less and can, generally, find parking. Certain areas of the city go all out to decorate, while others like to maintain the “it could be any time of the year” mystique. I’m glad I got to experience it.

Also, heading home early to frolic with the family meant getting all of the Christmas prep done weeks ahead of time. While that made for some hectic days in early December, it meant that pretty much after December 13, I was done and could just enjoy the season. I highly recommend that approach if your schedule allows for it because it means the rejuvenating can start early, too. I got back to LA ready to take on my 2015 projects. Sure, the rest of the world is still on vacation, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this motivation and eagerness for a new beginning lasts well into the new year.

Was Christmas one of your favorite things in 2014?

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