My Favorite Things in 2014: Family


I feel like this year really was about family in some new ways, and I thought that it deserved to be #1 on my list of favorite things.

First, I got the chance to spend some quality time with many members of Andy’s family. I’ve enjoyed getting to know them, and we’ve had the added bonus of some pretty great travel adventures thrown into the mix. From a birthday party to Sunday brunch, it has been a fun introduction to a lovely group of people. They have been super nice to me, and that has eased my natural anxiety over meeting new people tremendously.

Second, and possibly more daring, I got to take Andy home to (finally) meet my parents. It was a very fast trip to Ohio, and we only stayed 3 days in August, but I’m so glad we did it. There wasn’t an intentional delay in arranging a meeting so much as I kept thinking that it would somehow happen organically. I kept thinking that my parents would be out here, and that we could just all go out to lunch, or something along those lines. But by the time we moved in together in May, it became pretty obvious that it was time. So, we got on a plane and made it happen. Not surprisingly, they all got along swimmingly, and I love knowing that the people I love, like and respect each other. Yea!

So, now you know my favorite things about 2014. I’m sure I’ve left some off, but this gives you an idea. I did think about telling you all about the things I hated about 2014, but this felt like a better jumping off point for 2015.

What were your favorite things about 2014? What are you hoping for in 2015?