Monday, Monday

So, it’s a Monday, and you are back at work. Perhaps you never left and actually worked all weekend. Never mind, it’s still a Monday.

For the lucky and the brave among you, you are stretching, excited and anticipating the challenges of the week ahead.  Nearly everyone else has spent the morning saying, “Why God why?” so often that it now sounds vaguely like a Gregorian chant.

Clearly, the people in Group B would like to crossover– and not in the John Edward sense.  I wish I had words of wisdom for you– not only because it would mean that I would never face another despairing Monday, but because I would then write the most successful self-help book known to man. Oh, and I’d also help you people.

While I’m working on that, let me offer you this as a way of easing yourself back into the work week.  You are not alone. The person sitting next to you is also begrudgingly admitting to not winning the lottery (either genetic or otherwise).  More than likely the person in the cubicle to your left is also wondering how life turned out to be so profoundly different from the one advertised in her youth… or about woodworking. It could go either way really.

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