Miss Ann Thropic

I may have found my true calling in life. It came to me while watching one of my hundreds of weekly news programs.

Any guesses?

Sure, you’re going with the most logical options:

1) marriage counselor
2) sex therapist
3) supermodel
4) spy (aka international woman of mystery)

But who isn’t doing those things? I’m not disparaging these options– all good and clearly back-up plans if the new one doesn’t work out.


Queen of the Roller Derby.

I know. It left me speechless when I first considered it, as well.

They ran this story on a group of women called the “Orange County Demolition Divas”– strong, highly motivated women. My new hero is a woman with the nickname “Miss Ann Thropic”. She told the reporter that she found the group after her relationship of 15 years ended, and she was looking for a legal way to get out her aggressions.

Rock on sister! (or is that roll on? No, that sounds too much like I’m yelling for deodorant).
Anyway, I too would like to find a way to legally beat the crap out of people while precariously perched on a set of wheels.

I’m telling you– this is it. I have found my calling.

(although that whole supermodel thing could be good, too)


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  1. danielletbd

    Did I mention that when I worked for “Creative Juice” we shot a segment using the Roller Derby girls? They are bad ass (and a little scary)! And Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut is about roller derby girls… apparently you’re very en vogue right now.

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