It’s Friday

It’s a Friday. You’re looking to clear out.  Your eyes keep darting to the clock at the corner of your screen. You’re sighing because it isn’t 5pm (or 7pm). I understand. I was one of you. This is why I take it as my solemn duty to entertain you until the moment of your freedom arrives.

Unfortunately, my big plans for the evening involve eating some applesauce and writing. Are you riveted yet?  No?

Ok, here’s a progress report:

  1. The best date I’ve had in years came via text message with a man I’m not dating.  Typical.
  2. I’m finally meeting one of my prospects tomorrow. It’s a casual group event, though, not the actual date. This might violate the blind date rules and regulations, but it’s much easier on me, so I’ll be going with this option.
  3. I have not yet managed to achieve either wild fortune or employment. Naturally I am dismayed by this. Yet, I will persevere and continue writing for free right up until the moment homelessness claims me.
  4. I will continue to listen to my “Giants of Russian Literature” audiobook so that I am prepared to bring scintillating conversation to the table when my Prince Charming does finally arrive.
  5. I’m seriously going to contemplate working out for the same reason. I mean, I’m not going to do it. That would be crazy. But I really will consider it.


Have a great weekend!

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