In Just Over a Month

In just over a month (ok, a month and a week), Californication returns. Finally. So, naturally, when I’m faced with a blank blog, no inspiration and a delightful email from a new reader who was also at the panel (small world!), I thought to myself, “Self, you should post more stuff from that Californication panel that the Los Angeles Times hosted for The Envelope Series”.

The first clip features Pamela Adlon hilariously recounting her take on her sex scenes in Showtime’s Californication. Also, I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve heard a panel discussion involving the words, “Horse’s penis”. So, there’s that.

Pamela Adlon Discusses Sex Scenes on Californication from Kate Dating on Vimeo.

In the second video, David Duchovny discusses his approach to playing Hank Moody, and his concerns about keeping Hank a sympathetic character.

David Duchovny Talks About Keeping Hank Moody Sympathetic from Kate Dating on Vimeo.

Enjoy! Also, as you’ve noticed, emails inspire me to write (or post videos). So, if you want to inspire a blog, feel free to write to me at

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  1. Penny Lope

    'scuse my delete – i hate it when i find a typo or a grammatical error – though no promise that I caught everything! I finally got finished watching S2 very recently – yes, a little behind, but that is my life these days. I can't wait for S3 to pick it up, and was suitably impressed with the story line. I love how Pamela plays Marcy. Her rehab stint is hilarious – I'm working in addictions part time while school is off – so it was even funnier knowing that there is usually one like her in the group, though she does play it up. I wasn't too fond of the flashback sequence neither David nor Natasha came off being that young. Now, don't get me wrong, I love David's work – i think he is one of the most underrated performers, and he's in great shape. It's just that young men and women have a very different body and I don't know how you'd manage the age thing using these same two actors. When they used the soft focus, kept the distance and muted the colours it worked for me, but the rest, not so much.

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