When life throws hurdles in my way, rather than becoming despondent I just take a deep breath and think of all the things that have gone really well instead.

It is only when I realize that nothing has gone really well… close to well…. in the same city as well… that true creativity has to emerge.

And I’m going to sit here on this couch until it does.












Foot cramp….












Perhaps a more pro-active approach is in order.


I’ve recently made plans to go on an adventure (so recently, the “book it” window just closed). It is semi-work related and entirely out of character.

I decided to head to New York for an upcoming weekend. I know, the shock throws a lot of people at first. But it’s true. I’m flying to New York for the weekend to see a play, do a little charity work, and do some unauthorized drinking (of course, I have no tolerance, so that’s going to be about a quarter of a glass of a wine). I’ve already warned my New York friends that they should be prepared to take Monday off because we could be out making merry until 5:30pm Sunday. That’s how reckless I’m feeling. I’d offer to talk to a boy just to really show how “throw caution to the wind I’m being”, but that sounds like just asking for problems. We’ll leave that as a “maybe” for now.

Why did I make this decision?

Well, the play sounds intriguing. And the lead actor sounds intriguing. But really I think this is just an outgrowth of a growing orb of restlessness wrapped in frustration that is threatening to force some fairly big life changes out of me. While I’m not a fan of change, I’m also not a fan of most the main elements of my life right now: job, hobbies, job-like-hobbies, social life, financial situation, housing situation, cellulite situation—really, you name it, and I’m frustrated with it.

Sitting on the couch and complaining about it hasn’t done me much good. Rude, I think, for the universe to not just hand me some creative solutions. So maybe the tiny seed of rebelliousness is growing into something—or I’ll get back and wonder, “What the hell was I thinking? Next time I’m going to Santa Barbara.”

Stay tuned.


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