If you noticed the earth not rotating on Thursday night—my bad. Yes, totally my fault. I went out for a drink with friends after work.

That’s right. I went out. As in, I was at a place that was neither work, nor my apartment…at night…for something social.

I’m going to give you a moment to let the awe wash over you.


This was actually the second time in a week that I had gone to a festive social evening gathering featuring adult beverages. I even went to an alumni function this morning thinking that it would be good to meet people with whom I had a common background.

So, to sum up—
Social outings in one week: 3
Number of men who asked me out: 0
Number of men who approached with interest: 0
Number of men who made meaningful eye contact: 0
Number of men who looked in my direction: 0
Number of men who noted my existence on earth while gazing at one of my friends: 0
Number of men who looked in my direction because there was a clock above my head: 0
Number of men who looked in my direction because I was sitting right next to the men’s bathroom: 0


It’s not that I expected that this dating thing would happen over night (ok, that’s a lie. I totally did. I thought I’d say “universe, here I am, I am ready to date” and magic would start occurring). But I didn’t think that it would be this difficult to start at least the flirting phase. I mean, according to my calculations, I should be leaving men frustrated in my wake.

In reality… um… yeah, not so much.

I couldn’t even get the cutie reading the newspaper (ooh, another reader!) at the bar to look up when I had to reach around him to get my drink from the bartender.

Is it supposed to be this difficult? Seriously, I had less trouble scaling the Berlin Wall than I’m having here.

I may need to step up my game a bit, perhaps get one of my friends to start wearing this little number:
And if that doesn’t get a guy’s attention, I’m going back to watching TV. My remote is getting lonely.

Kate, trying and failing to date in LA

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