Chance or a Sign?

I tend to scoff at concepts like fate. I don’t believe, for the most part, that the universe has a plan. I don’t look for signs. BUT there are moments when I wonder.

Have you ever had a person consistently appear in your life? It could be someone you don’t really know, but he keeps popping up even in the most unlikely places. It could be someone you’ve known and think has disappeared, but drops on you (not literally) on the most inconvenient times.

A friend of mine recently confessed to having repeated encounters with a man. Each encounter has featured more prolonged contact (Encounters being sightings, nods, brief conversation—not sexual). As she is actually intrigued by this guy, the experiences are positive rather than creepy—always a plus when you are hoping that fate is taking a hand.  Despite my skepticism, even I have to admit that it seems like the universe is trying to tell her something. Normally, if the roles were reversed, and I was the one in that situation, I would assume the universe was trying to tell me to run because he was no doubt a serial killer. But in her case, it’s hard for me not wonder if it is a more positive sign.

Look at how open-minded I’m being!

Of course, this newly discovered hope for the future might have something to do with the fact that it really does seem to be happening to me. There does seem to be a recurring character in my life. I can’t tell if he is circling me, or if I’m circling him. At one point, Pen joked that he and I appeared to be on a collision course. However, every time he and I have gotten close to having direct contact, something, or someone, has altered the situation—collision averted. It’s hard to know if that has been a saving grace or a curse, regardless of what I’ve thought at the time.

What I do know is that every time I assume our contact has come to an end, he has reemerged (or the possibility of him has). Being sensible, I concluded that this is just the nature of Hollywood—both a vast and very small world, simultaneously. Awareness is one thing. That’s pretty difficult to avoid. Contact, on the other hand, is easy to dodge. It doesn’t have to go anywhere. It can just be a series of amusing coincidences and mutual acquaintances.

It’s not that I don’t recognize the hypocrisy. I was more than willing to designate C’s encounters as signs from the universe while dismissing my own as inconsequential, coincidental… chance. Luckily, I make no claim to consistency in my worldview. It’s part of my charm.

Do you believe in signs and wonders? If someone, or the possibility of someone, kept appearing in your life, would you pursue him/her/it? And if C runs into this guy on the street again, should she stop and talk to him? Should she roll the dice?

What? We all already know that I’m not going to do anything about my situation, so we might as well help her.



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