Blind Leading the Blind

Nothing like a traffic jam at 7:15pm on a Sunday evening to give a girl plenty of time to reflect on the fabulous possibilities that await her. And by fabulous, I mean annoying and potentially disastrous… is what the old me would have said. The new me only thinks positive thoughts. Which is why even though we have pretty much all agreed that blind dates are a bad idea, I am still willing to make this happen.

Quick question: is sexting first base or does it depend on exactly what is typed? I’m just trying to get a handle on exactly what I’m going to face since this technology didn’t exist the last time I went on a first date.

I am sensing that some of my potential gentleman callers have expressed some degree of reluctance about being set up. Normally, I would assume this is because they’ve seen a picture of me (btw, “No, in real life she’s sort of cute” is my current marketing campaign), but the new me assumes that this is just because they are nervous about how awkward set ups can be. This I understand. I too am experiencing a tad bit of trepidation about stepping from behind the curtain.

Being the crafty problem solver that I am, I’m encouraging a vetting process. I’m even seriously considering slipping a questionnaire to friends while they are vetting the potentials. It could save a lot of time. Beyond the normal status questions (single, straight, serial killer), I thought these would also be useful:

  1.  How do you feel about being mocked (if I promise to be gentle on the first date)?
  2. How do you feel about spending long hours discussing Russian literature before I let you hold my hand (which still might be moving too fast)?
  3. How do you feel about being second guessed about everything? No, I mean everything. No, really.
  4. How do you deal with television sports conflicts? For instance, if your Yankees were on TV and my Indians were on TV, how would you feel about the fact that we’ll be watching the Indians play?
  5. Describe your favorite first date and use the words “classical music,” “picnic in the park” and “reading you 19th century romantic poetry.”
  6. Describe in what ways you are most like Colin Firth.

This should go well!

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